The Dutch Reportedly Spied on Russia Group Suspected of Hacking DNC


The spy service for the Netherlands covertly find the Russia-based group suspected of hacking the Democratic National Committee( DNC) ahead of the 2016 election, according to a new report.

Local media outlets report that the Dutch General Intelligence and Security Service were watching the Russian group, known as Cozy Bear, for at the least a year and both hacked the group’s information technology and caught hackers on camera. The Netherlands alerted the United States to Russia’s interference in the election after it watched the DNC hack and other operations from inside Cozy Bear’s system, according to the report.

The Dutch intelligence involvement was first reported by a current affairs program Nieuwsuur and de Volkskrant , a newspaper. Cozy Bear is suspected of having ties to the Russian government.

The report likewise suggests that Dutch agents passed along information it gleaned to the NSA and CIA. As the Washington Post points out, research reports indicates the Netherlands may have been an ally that alerted the United States about possible hacking.

According to Dutch media, AIVD agents likewise watched when Russian hackers launched an attack on the State Department in 2014 and compromised unclassified systems at the White House as well as in Congress.

Officials afterward told The Post that the NSA had been alerted to the hacks by an unnamed Western intelligence agency. The Western ally has hitherto hacked not only the Russians’ computers but also surveillance cameras inside their offices. The unnamed Western analysts were to oversee the hackers’ maneuvers inside U.S. networks and even compiled CCTV footage of those involved.

Thursday’s reports indicated for the first time that the friend that alerted the United States may have been the Netherlands. The country’s analysts were apparently likewise be permitted to track the locating of the hackers’ offices down to a university building next Moscow’s Red Square.

Dmitry Peskov, a spokeswoman for Russian President Vladimir Putin, denounced the report.

” If the Dutch media want to gasoline anti-Russian hysteria in the U.S ., it’s an activity that can’t be called honorable ,” he reportedly said.

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