Donald Trump says memos release ‘totally vindicates’ him, calls it an American disgrace


Congress released the controversial FISA memoranda on Friday, and though President Donald Trump, in giving his approval for the memo’s freeing, said the contents of it were “a disgrace” and that “a lot of people should be ashamed of themselves, ” much of the political world collectively yawned.

Though some of the Republican leadership agreed with House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes’ assertion that the FBI and the Department of Justice were biased against Trump in the early stages of the Russia investigation, much of the political world reckoned the long-awaited memo was underwhelming.

But Trump doesn’t think so, and on Saturday morning, he let loose his feelings on Twitter.

Many on the left side of the political aisle believe Trump and Nunes, and many others in the Republican Congress, are use the memo to try to discredit the Robert Mueller investigation. But others in Trump’s party don’t agree with his take over the memo.

Naturally, Democrats and political correspondents( and Republicans) were quick to critique Trump’s Twitter update.

Trump, though, isn’t likely to follow up anytime soon on Saturday morning.

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